Cab Driver Steals Friend's $50,000 Powerball Ticket Then Replaces It With One Worth $4: Cops

Bronx cabbie Rubelin Segura is accused of swiping his friend's $50K ticket after this month's record-breaking $1.5 billion lottery drawing.

A New York City cab driver has been accused of stealing his friend and fellow cabbie's winning lottery ticket and replacing it with one worth a paltry $4.

Bronx cab driver Rubelin Segura, 44, was arrested Tuesday on larceny and forgery charges after he allegedly swiped a Powerball ticket worth $50,000 from his friend Victor Castillo following this month's $1.5 billion drawing.

Segura and Castillo were among a group of cabbies who purchased tickets for the historic jackpot. They gathered at a diner after the drawing, at which point Castillo says he realized he'd matched three numbers, NBC New York reports.

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Segura is accused of somehow swiping his friend's ticket and then taking it back to the same shop where it was purchased, attempting to cash it and then bringing a ticket worth just $4 back Castillo.

The Daily News reports that surveillance footage at the shop shows Castillo purchasing the ticket, staff claim.

“We saw everything on the videotape,” manager Wagner Cruceta said. “Victor bought the ticket. The other guy came to check it but left. It was not nice.”

What's more, police say Castillo kept his original play slip with the numbers he chose and could prove the ticket was his, WABC reports.

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According to police, Segura had the ticket in his possession at the time of his arrest. However, he claimed following his arraignment Tuesday that he's innocent and intended to split the winnings with Castillo per a previous arrangement they'd made.

"It was both our ticket," Segura, who said Castillo owed him money and that Castillo agreed to buy tickets for them both as repayment, told The News. "I only went to the store to check the numbers. I was going to split it 50-50 with him."

Police say when they questioned Segura, he told them he'd cashed in the ticket and was waiting to receive his check. 

Segura entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment late Tuesday night. 

He was released on his own recognizance despite the Bronx DA's request for for $50K cash bail, no bond alternative and a surrender of his passport.

He's due back in court March 14th.

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