Drunk Driver Crashes into 'Civilian of the Year' Sign While Picking Friend Up From Jail: Cops

Police say a Georgia man reeked of booze while trying to pick his friend up from jail and was arrested after crashing into a sign in the parking lot.

A Georgia man who arrived to bail his friend out of jail last week ended up getting cuffed himself after police say he drunkenly crashed into the parking lot's "Civilian of the Year" sign.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office released a photo of the sign after one deputy says he watched Gary Guidry crash into it while trying to park his car.

When Guidry finally parked and made his way into the sheriff's office, police say he reeked of booze and, after failing a field sobriety test, he was arrested.

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Guidry's friend, needless to say, had to find another ride home. 

But the ridiculous tale is no laughing matter and the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office told INSIDE EDITION that the ending could have been far sadder.

"While the circumstances were unusual and seem humorous, that's not why we've chosen to share it," said Deputy Shannon Volkodav, who said her office released the photo of the sign to make a point about drunk driving.

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"Drunk driving is a choice," Volkodav said. "And that's for any driver. This individual made a series of unfortunate choices. We're just thankful no pedestrians were injured."

Guidry was booked on a driving under the influence charge and one charge of failure to report striking a fixed object.

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