Dog Makes Incredible Recovery After Being Found with Maggots in Face Wound

A dog in India discovered with a life-threatening wound has made an incredible recovery.

A helpless dog was found lying in a dirt hole at a construction site in India and had a horrific, gaping wound in the middle of his face.

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The wound was so severe and infested with maggots that the team at Animal Aid Unlimited thought they would have to put him down.

Originally the team thought euthanizing him would be the best decision, but as the dog stood on the exam table, they decided to give treatment a chance.

They first poured powder into the wound to kill the maggots and then sedated the pup in order to clear the infestation.

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Over the next three months the dog, now named Kalu, made an incredible recovery. Now, he looks nothing like the dog they originally found.

Animal Aid Unlimited rescues and treats hundreds of animals.

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