Who is the Woman Charlie Sheen Was With at the Plaza Hotel?

INSIDE EDITION has learned more about the woman at the center of Charlie Sheen's wild night in New York, including her career in the adult film industry.

She's the porn star making headlines as Charlie Sheen's guest at the Plaza hotel, but INSIDE EDITION takes a look at Christina Walsh when she was starting out in the adult film business.

On a video audition tape obtained by INSIDE EDITION, she calls herself Alexis and takes out her ID to prove that she's of legal age.

"Hi. I'm Alexis and I just turned 18," she says on the video tape.

Christina was actually raised in the Bronx, New York where her family still runs a small business selling puppies.

Her 73-year-old father also works a second job as a doorman at a luxury apartment building on Manhattan's Park avenue. When INSIDE EDITION caught up with him, he didn't want to talk about his now infamous daughter.

Christina says she left home at 18 after her parents objected to her posing nude.

On the video audition tape, the man taping her audtion asks, "Are you nervous?"

"I'm more excited than nervous," she replies.

In the four years since that audition, Christina has made dozens of adult films. In an online interview she describes herself as, "adventurous, un-predictable and wild!"

And says she has one goal in life and that's to, "make money!"

She even has her own pay-per-view x-rated website where she posted this message today:

"Yes it's me, the mysterious hotel girl that everyone is talking about. There really is not much to say but I just want everyone to know that I'm fine. Please don't believe everything you hear in the news and don't forget, if you like my website, I would really really like it if you became a member. There is a lower monthly price right now!"

Look's like she's determined to make the most of her new found infamy.