NFL Star Cam Newton Defends His On-Field Celebrations: 'They've Never Seen Anyone Like Me'

The flashy Panthers' player says being a black quarterback "might scare some people."

Cam Newton is one of the NFL’s most electrifying quarterbacks and has led his Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50.

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Carolina fans love Newton, and the quarterback goes out of his way to make kids feel special during a game by always handing over a ball to a lucky youngster in the stands. 

He often celebrates as if he is Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal a Superman costume. 

But he is not universally liked.

Even his hometown Atlanta newspaper paper had this headline. "5 Reasons To Hate Cam” and there's a Facebook page called “I Hate Cam Newton".

Newton says he thinks race plays a factor. "I said it since day one, I am an African-American quarterback and that may scare a lot of people."

CBS Sports Network radio host Craig Carton says "Cam Newton put himself in a bad spot and said something that is ludicrous." He noted other black NFL quaterbacks such as Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham. 

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Newton will go up against Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50.

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