These Commentators Give A Hilarious Play-By-Play Of A Dance Squad's Halftime Performance

Two podcast commentators hilariously narrate a dance squad's entire halftime performance.

As the L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad took center court for their halftime performance two commentators treated their listeners to a play-by-play.

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Matt Gourley and Mark McConville from the podcast, Pistol Shrimps Radio hilariously narrated the dance squad's choreographed routine at the Pistol Shrimps vs The Alley Oopsies basketball game.

To pull it off, the pair made up names for the impressive dance moves.

The Pistol Shrimps are a women’s rec basketball team filled with comedians and actresses, including Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, who is the team's point guard.

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But just a year ago there was no women’s league. A loving Pistol Shrimps fan tells INSIDE EDITION that the team helped revamp  the women’s municipal basketball league. 

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