Coach Fired For Allegedly Trying to Trip Rival Cheerleader... But Girl's Dad Says it Never Happened

The cheerleader's dad said his daughter was not hurt.

A cheer coach is out of a job after she was accused of trying to trip a cheerleader from the opposing team.

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Teresa Fann was fired from her high school coaching job outside Chattanooga, Tennessee and suspended from her teaching position after a video surfaced that appeared to show her sticking a leg out as the cheerleader performed on court. 

But a new video shot from a different angle seems to show that the woman's leg does not come into contact with the cheerleader. 

Witnesses say cheerleaders from the opposing team had crossed the half-court line, in violation of competition rules. Fann contended she was trying to get the girl to go back to her team's side. 

Fans were heard yelling "Get back over" as other coaches stepped onto the court and pointed at the girl.

Fann said she was also acting as a spotter to protect the cheerleader while she executed flips on court.

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The girl's father defends the coach. Tim Dean told Channel 3 in Tennessee, "I don't think she did anything wrong, and I was there. My daughter was not hurt in any way."

The girl also said she wasn't harmed.  

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