Florida Couple in Court Over Dead Ducks

What began as an effort to get some simple peace and quiet has grown into a trial over the euthanization of ducks. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A Florida couple stands accused of paying someone to capture a bunch of noisy ducks that were driving them crazy—ducks that were then put to death!

A Palm Beach Gardens courtroom was crowded with duck lovers, wearing yellow ribbons. At times, they got rowdy.

"The next time anyone makes noise or says anything, you will be escorted out of the courtroom!" the judge warned the gallery.

One woman carried photos of the euthanized ducks, and a box of their ashes!

"These are the ducks, and I felt they should have their day in court!" said the woman.

Robert and Blain Aymond say the incessant quacking sounds drove them to desperate measures. They also say the ducks destroyed their prize orchids and they just couldn't take it anymore.

"It was just…bedlam!" said Blain.

So eight ducks were rounded up from the Aymond's property, taken away, and euthanized.

"My sincere purpose was to get my home back and my health back," said Aymond.

The Aymonds claim they're not guilty of any crime, and they never meant for the ducks to be killed. They've gotten hate mail and even death threats over the ducks' demise.

They insist they're both good eggs who were driven to desperate measures by a bunch of noisy ducks.