Hillary Clinton Won 6 Iowa Precincts Thanks To Coin Tosses

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were neck and neck in the Iowa Caucus, leading the tie to be broken by coin tosses.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were so close in some of the Iowa caucus polls on Monday night that some of the outcomes were decided by a coin toss.

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Some precincts determined who they'd choose for the most powerful job in the world in the same way school children decide who gets to play first or how referees choose who gets the ball.

Sanders and Clinton ran in a dead heat throughout the state and in cases where there was a tie, the decision was left up to chance.

This is how the #IowaCaucus works. A tie is solved tossing a coin @HillaryClinton wins pic.twitter.com/yZDTUKFJXQ

— Fernando Peinado (@FernandoPeinado) February 2, 2016

Clinton came out victorious after she won six precincts that way.

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In the end, it was a narrow victory for Clinton in what is being called the closest Democratic race in Iowa caucus history. She took 49.9 percent of the votes, while Sanders took 49.6 percent.

She won 22 delegates to Sanders' 21.

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