Legless Man Shares His Story

INSIDE EDITION talks to a man who has no legs, but doesn't let that stop him from doing just about anything other people can do.

He has no legs. But he hasn't let that stand in his way.

Doug Forbis' arms do double duty, moving like feet with incredible speed and agility. He even plays a killer game of Frisbee.

Doug was born with Sacral Agenesis. His lower spine failed to develop, and his legs were amputated when he was two.  

Now 24, Forbis works out daily. Maintaining upper body strength is the key to his independence. He attended the University of Illinois and plays competitive wheelchair basketball.  

And yes, Forbis has a girlfriend.  

"I'd like to get married and have some kids," he said.

24-year-old Elizabeth is a highway patrol dispatcher. They met on an online dating website.

"He is so vibrant, he's just absolutely full of life," she said.

Elizabeth doesn't focus on Forbis' disability. Instead she marvels at his ability.

"There's really not much that's stops me," Forbis said.

He gets around in a specially built minivan he uses to get to work. Forbis is pursuing a career in Special Education and is working with teens at a South Carolina school.

He teaches by letting students feel what its like to be diabled themselves, a connection that truly inspires them.

"I have yet to run into anything that other people can do that I can't do," he said.