Mom Hears Her Son's Heart Beating Inside 4-Year-Old Girl's Chest

Heather Clark met Jordan, who received her son's heart after he died at age seven months.

The mother of a baby who died at seven months old has heard her son’s heartbeat inside a four-year-old girl.

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Heather Clark listened to the rhythm of her son’s heart at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Four-year-old Jordan Drake needed a new heart because she was suffering from a congenital defect. She spent most of her young life at the hospital.

When baby Lukas died in 2013, allegedly from injuries he sustained at the hands of his babysitter’s boyfriend, Clark wanted her son's organs donated to those in need.

Clark and the little girl’s mom, Esther Gonzalez listened together and sobbed in each other's arms.

Clark gave the child a teddy bear that plays a recording of her new heart beating.

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“I knew through our joy there was somebody in pain,” Gonzalez said. 

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