Woman Drives Wrong Way on Busy Interstate

INSIDE EDITION talks to a man who videotaped an elderly woman driving down a freeway in the wrong direction, causing several accidents.

A heart-stopping scene as a car speeds down a highway....the wrong way!

The driver of a Buick station wagon seems oblivious to the peril she's in, zooming along for miles as cars and trucks whiz past in the opposite direction, missing her by mere inches.

"I'm still in shock," said Tim Fleming.

Fleming captured the death-defying video on his cell phone. He was riding northbound on highway I-95 outside Philadelphia.

"I was just holding my hand on the horn and steering the wheel, video taping her with my left hand," he explained.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asks, "Any idea how old she was?"

"At least 75 or 80. I started yelling and screaming, honking my horn waving and what not. She basically just waved her hand at me," he said.

It was a scene straight out of Trains, Planes and Automobiles, where Steve Martin and John Candy are unaware they're speeding the wrong way down a highway.

McInerney asks, "How on earth did she avoid a head-on collision?"

"I honestly don't know. A lot of skilled drivers," Fleming replies.

At one point, the driver grazes the guard rail. She never collides with anybody, but you can hear the sound of an accident she causes in her wake. The driver of a truck apparently swerved to avoid an accident, and then plowed into the cement median.

In all, at least four accidents were caused by the wrong-way driver. Luckily, there were no serious injuries.

Somehow, the driver gets through the drama unharmed.

"Would you say it's a miracle she survived?" asks McInerney.

"Yes. I would say it's a miracle she got away," Fleming said.