Gabe Adams, 17, Doesn't Let Having No Legs or Arms Keep Him From Dancing His Heart Out

A teenager who was born without arms or legs still manages to dance his heart out.

He has no arms or legs, but 17-year-old Gabe Adams is one heck of a dancer.

The high school student started grooving in seventh grade, when he entered a talent show and performed a hip-hop routine.

"I got into dancing because I wanted to prove to myself and other people around me that there was more to me than the kid that was in the wheelchair," he told KSL-TV in his home state of Utah.

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He even joined the Davis High School dance team, entertaining spectators at sports events.

Adams was born without limbs and was abandoned by his mother in Brazil.

He was adopted by Janelle and Ron Adams in Utah, after they heard of the infant's plight.

"I kept thinking about this baby far away in a hospital with no arms and no legs – I couldn't get him out of my mind," says Janelle, who has 13 biological children, most of them grown. "I kept wondering, 'How would I feed him? How would I dress him? How would we teach him to walk?'" she told People magazine.

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He taught himself to dance, and prefers scooting around to using a wheelchair.

Adams recently moved and attends a different high school and is taking a dance class. He hopes to compete in an outside dance team.

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