This Cop Responded To A Call at an Animal Shelter and Walked Out With A New Best Friend

One Florida cop was answering a call at an animal shelter and walked out with a new pup.

A warm-hearted cop was at an animal shelter in Florida responding to a call and ended up leaving with a new furry best friend.

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Officer Marcus Montgomery was at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society for a situation involving an employee. As he was wrapping up a shelter supervisor walked over to him with a little puppy in her hands.

Officer Montgomery tells INSIDE EDITION that he immediately felt a connection with the little critter. After talking it over with his girlfriend, they took him home.

"I immediately saw the connection but I was at first apprehensive due to me and my girlfriends schedule, I figured it was going to be difficult to give him the proper care he deserves," he said.

He added: "After speaking with the staff, they educated me on what he would need and that he would actually be ok by himself, as long as it wasn't for an exorbitant amount of time. So I went home and talked with my girlfriend and she immediately fell in love with him once she held him."

The couple already has another adopted dog named Vader, who acts like a big brother to their new addition, Kylo. The pooches are named after Star Wars villains Darth Vader and Kylo Ren.

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“Since I got to name Vader, I wanted my girlfriend to name to name the newest addition. Because we already had Vader, she decided on Kylo, or Kylo Ren due to the Star Wars connection,” he said.

Kylo constantly follows Vader around and tries to mimic his mannerisms.

“They play around but I usually stay close because Kylo is still in the teething stage and I don't want him latching onto Vader,” he said.

The police officer tells INSIDE EDITION that he's glad to give both of his dogs a new lease on life.

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