Man Says He'll Kick His Food Addiction By Eating Only Potatoes for a Full Year

Australian man says he's going to eat nothing but spuds for 366 days this year in a bid to change his troubled relationship with food.

Sliced, diced or pureed, a potato is a potato--unless you're one self-described food addict who hopes the lowly tuber can completely change his relationship with food.

And Andrew Flinders Taylor intends to find out by eating nothing but spuds for a full year.

The Australia man told INSIDE EDITION that he started what he calls his "Spud Fit" experiment on January 1 and has since lost nearly 30 pounds.

"The original intention wasn’t to lose weight it was to deal with, or try to, a go psychological issue I have with food. Something I wanted to try." Flinders said.

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Flinders believes he suffers from an addiction to food. But, unlike addictions such as alcoholism, you can't stop eating.

That's why Flinders says he's attempting to curb his addiction by making food less appealing.

"Before I started I thought it would be the hardest thing I’d ever done. The biggest surprise I had is that I’m not sick of it," Flinders said. "I'm still enjoying to the food. Not enjoying it like I would pizza or chocolate cake…but feel satisfied with it."

Flinders said he's sticking very rigidly to his potato only regime and only uses a small amount of seasoning while avoiding oil.

For added nutrients, Flinders adds fortified soy milk or other similar milk when he makes mashed potatoes.

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However, professor of medicine Joseph Proietto from Melbourne University told BuzzFeed that Flinders' diet is "a very unhealthy thing to do."

"The problem with eating any single food is that you’re gonna definitely miss out on a whole lot of vitamins that are required," said Proietto.

In his defense, Flinders says he's not pushing his diet on anyone and isn't making any money from the publicity he's gotten.

Flinders says he's under medical supervision, that he's getting blood tests routinely. "If it's not healthy, I’ll stop, I'm not being stupid and risking myself."

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