Prosecutor Marcia Clark: It's Hard For Me to Watch O.J. Simpson Miniseries

The prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson case says watching the series is like reliving a nightmare.

The real-life characters in the O.J. Simpson saga are speaking out about the first installment FX's miniseries "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story."

Former prosecutor Marcia Clark appeared on "The View" said she was floored by the episode's accuracy.

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"I think it's amazing," Clark told the panel. "I can't watch it the way most people do. For me, it's reliving a nightmare. It's a very painful experience.

"But that's a measure of how good [the show] is. They're getting the big stuff so right, they really nailed the racial issue in the biggest way possible," she said.

Kim Goldman, the sister of Ronald Goldman, who was killed with Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown, said she was in tears watching the program.

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Simpson houseguest Kato Kaelin tweeted throughout the episode, taking issue with some of the scenes, saying "I wasn't in that room when the SWAT teams come running in with guns a blazing! And it shows me running out the house it wasn't true."

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