Who Was 'The Brady Bunch' Star in the Live Version of 'Grease?'

'Grease: Live' had one unexpected star in the broadcast.

While all eyes were on the main performers during Fox’s Grease: Live!, there was a famous face in the crowd you may have missed.

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The character Mrs. Murdock— the beloved shop teacher who ran the garage where the T-Birds kept their fixer-upper, Greased Lightning—was played by Eve Plumb, famous for her role as Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch.

Eve was 11 when The Brady Bunch debuted in 1969, but at 57 years old, the actress is still recognizable as the famous middle child.

"I didn't ever think I would ever play Mrs. Murdock, what a great thing to get to do," she told INSIDE EDITION. 

Her cameo in Grease: Live! caught a lot of people by surprise, mainly because she's kept such a low profile.

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"I have been flying under the radar the past few years, which is fine by me, because you can live your life and not have to worry about people looking at you and can go out without makeup. I don't think I can go out without makeup anymore because now I am getting recognized," she said.

Plumb said she was grateful for the extensive rehearsals that went into Grease: Live!, saying: "right up until the live performance I was still messing up my lines. I managed to pull it off on the live performance. I was glad about that." 

From Jan Brady to Mrs. Murdock, Eve Plumb is now associated with two TV classics.

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