Animals Are Living in 'Horrifying' Conditions at China Zoo, Activists Say

A China zoo is home to some very sad-looking animals living in 'horrifying' conditions, activists say.

A zoo located inside a China mall has a very sad-looking collection of animals.

A series of photos being widely circulated on social meeting show a polar-brown-bear hybrid locked inside an indoor tank and a white wolf curled in the corner of a concrete cell.

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There is no vegetation or any semblance of a natural habitat inside the stark rooms, which Animals Asia, a wildlife conservancy group, call "prison" cells.

The animals' living conditions are "horrifying," the organization said.

The Guangzhou facility has been criticized for the poor appearance of its animals, the organization said, in online comments from wildlife advocates.

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The Grandview Aquarium opened in January, and critics say water enclosures for beluga whales and walrus calves are too small for them to move around in.

Activists are calling on the aquarium's owners to upgrade living conditions at the site.

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