Bruce Springsteen Helps Pregnant Fan Complete Bucket List By Dancing With Her On Stage

The Boss made one life-long fan's dream come true after spotting her in the crowd.

One woman’s lifelong dream of dancing with Bruce Springsteen became a reality.

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At a recent New Jersey Prudential Center concert, The Boss invited Connie Hoch to jump on stage and dance like Courteney Cox did in the video for his classic video “Dancing in the Dark.”

Springsteen spotted her sign sporting a bucket list. Everything checked except dancing with the singer. 

Thanks Boss!!! My wife (and future child) danced with @springsteen!!! ???? #bestnightever

February 1, 2016

The 31-year-old told INSIDE EDITION: “I think every little girl has dreamed of dancing with Bruce. My heart may have stopped."

Newlywed Connie and her husband Bryan found themselves right by the stage.

“I could see him look over. He came over and took the marker from my hand,” she said as Springsteen checked off an item from her bucket list.

Connie, who is four months pregnant, said the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer asked her how long she was married.

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Connie is still wearing her concert wristband to remind her it wasn't a dream. That bucket list will have a special place in her family's home.

"It's going in the baby's room,” she declared.

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