Mom of Teen Who Suffered Heart Attack During Game: 'We Thought We'd Lost Her'

Claire Crawford is lucky to be alive after she collapsed during a volleyball game.

One teenager is lucky to be alive after suffering cardiac arrest during a high school volleyball game at Loganville Christian Academy in Georgia.

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Claire Crawford, 17, told INSIDE EDITION: “I remember blacking out and waking up.”

He mother, Lisa, said: “We were just desperately praying.”

“I had pain down my left arm and my heart felt like it was working really hard. I just assumed I was out of shape,” Clair said.

Fortunately for the teen, there was an Automated External Defibrillator, also known as an AED, nearby.

A school administrator used the device to jolt Claire back to consciousness.

“It was four- and-a-half minutes. It was a long time to see them doing compressions and hearing the alarm going off on the AED machine, we had definitely thought we lost her,” said her mother.

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Julie Sirmans is the quick-thinking official who used the defibrillator to revive Claire.

“Life started to come back in her and it was wonderful to see,” she said.

To learn more the importance of AEDs and Claire's story, visit her GoFundMe page, where she is raising funds to donate the life-saving machines to schools and other public areas. 

To make sure your child's school is prepared in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, visit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Project S.A.V.E. by clicking here

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