Gunshot Victim Gets a New Face

INSIDE EDITION reports on the woman who was left without a face after a tragic gunshot accident. Now she reveals her new face and makeover.

It's hard to forget Chrissy Seltz, the pretty and popular high school student whose life was forever changed by a horrific shotgun accident. At age 16, she was left blind without eyes or a nose when she was accidentally shot in the face by a friend playing with a gun at a party.

For years, Chrissy hid her ravaged face behind a black sleeping mask. INSIDE EDITION was there as her longtime dream came true when Chrissy got a new face -- prosthetic eyes and nose made of silicone. But believe it or not, her incredible makeover is just beginning.

The next step is getting Chrissy's beautiful bright smile back. Two of her front teeth were blown out in the gunshot blast.

Dr. Larry Over began the process by implanting a metal screw into Chrissy's gums. Plastic teeth are filed and polished until the shape is just perfect. Then he paints them by hand to match Chrissy's natural teeth color. Hours later the crowns are snapped into place.

"You have front teeth now," said Dr. Over.

"I know. It's a miracle," said Seltz.

Now it's time for the final element of this miracle makeover. A well deserved day of pampering at the Angelo David Salon in New York City.

Next Chrissy's hair is cut and styled, as makeup is applied to her incredibly lifelike face. The big moment has finally come. Chrissy's new look is unveiled to her family and friends.

She was glammed up in form fitting dresses in flattering shades of red and plum. And she sparkled in a black pantsuit with a gold sequin top, all to the delight of her adoring mother.

"I think she looks like a movie star. It's just gorgeous," said her mother.

It's impossible to believe that this is the same woman who hid behind a face mask. Now, this brave woman finally has a look that reflects her inner beauty.

"I feel like a million dollars," said Seltz.