Man Whose Co-Workers Used Taser on Him Heads to Court: 'I Was a Nervous Wreck'

Bradley Jones, who says he was left with PTSD, will take his case to trial on Monday.

A man who filed a lawsuit against his boss, claiming he was tased more than two dozen times by co-workers, will get his day in court on Monday.  

Bradley Jones worked at Fred Fincher Motors for four years and he says over the course of a few months he was hit with a taser multiple times by his co-workers. 

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Jones told INSIDE EDITION: “I'm sure everyone's touched a light socket and been shocked. That’s 110 volts. This is 50,000. You can't move. It’s excruciating-the sound is horrendous. It’s very intimidating the sound. The whole ordeal, it’s very painful.

“It got to the point they would hide under my desk, they would pick the locks of the rest room. You just didn't know when they were coming.”

Named in the suit is his boss, Sam Harless, and the man's wife, Patricia, who is a Texas state representative and owner of the dealership.

The Harless’ have called the lawsuit "frivolous."

Bradley says some of the attacks made him soil his clothes, and that just walking by the dealership made him fearful.

“I'm doing my work, someone sneaks up and just zaps me with a taser and I hit the ground. I was totally freaked out. Just a constant nervous wreck.”

Gary Namie is a workplace bullying expert. He's expected to be an expert witness for Jones and says this is one of the worst cases he's seen.

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“This is sadistic workplace violence. This is a something designed for use by law enforcement as an alternative to shooting someone for crying out loud!” Namie said.

Now a jury will decide whether this is just an innocent prank or something much more serious.

Jones said: “I just want them to take responsibility for what they've done. Don't do it again, I’ve never had an apology. They still think it's a joke.”

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