Halloween Festivities From the White House to the Frat House

Halloween festivities around the country took place everywhere from the White House to the frat house. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

So, what's so scary? For some girls, it was Justin Bieber, who was at a book signing in Los Angeles on Halloween. Bieber ducked into his limo to avoid the frenzied teens.

At the White House, the President and First Lady left the costumes to the youngsters as they handed out Halloween candy to the children of military families.

At Kate Hudson's Halloween party in Los Angeles, Leonardo DiCaprio arrived heavily disguised under a baboon mask.  Adam Sandler and his wife were Chip 'n' Dale. And actress Amanda Seyfried was dressed like her dog.

Speaking of the clothes he wears, basketball great Shaquille O'Neil who tweeted a video of himself lipsyncing in his car, doing a Beyonce impression.

Meanwhile, Harrison Ford dressed as, can you belive it, a nun. HIs wife Calista Flockhart was Miss Piggy when they went trick or treating.

And nobody likes a Halloween party like the college crowd. At scenes at Ohio University in Athens, and the University of Wisconsin in Madison, most of the revelry was good-natured, if a little excessive at times. Some partiers went so far they got hauled off in handcuffs.

Most revelers, though, had so much fun, it was scary.