Watch: Toddler Plays Hide-and-seek With GoPro

Two parents find out what it's like to see the world in the eyes of a toddler by using a GoPro.

Two Minnesota parents found out what it’s like to see the world in the eyes of their toddler after the pair strapped a GoPro onto their three-year-old son's head for a bit of fun.

Dan and Kallie Iverson got the gadget for Christmas and decided to have some fun with it.

“We were playing around with it and decided to play hide-and-seek,” Dan explained. “In the moment it seemed like a cool idea."

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The short but sweet video shows the little boy running from room to room and turning his head in every direction in search of his parents, who were hiding in the closet.

Dan and Kallie watched him live through an app on their iPhone.  

 “It was hilarious to watch. We had to keep from laughing so hard,” Dan said.

The sneaky couple's hiding spot was blown up after their dog, Ollie, pointed the tot in the right direction. 

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Dan and Kallie posted the clip on YouTube so his grandparents could see how adorable the video was. More than a year later, it has amassed 1.5 million views.

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