Father of Three Stuffs Whole Cheeseburger Into His Mouth, Chokes to Death Trying to Eat It

A father of three who said "Watch this," and then stuffed a whole cheeseburger in his mouth, choked to death while trying to eat it.

A father of three choked to death as he tried to eat a McDonald's cheeseburger in one bite, a coroner's inquest has ruled.

Darren Bray, 29, passed out after rolling the burger into a ball and stuffing it in his mouth, a Welsh inquest heard, the BBC reported.

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Though Bray had been drinking, it was not enough to affect his judgment, authorities said.

"I could see him trying to cough it up and he was making horrible, coughing noises," friend Sam Bisgrove said. "I tried to hit his back to help him clear his airway."

Paramedics performed CPR and used a suction device to remove the food, but Barry died on the scene. He had been visiting a friend.

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A small piece of the burger remained stuck in his throat and "he would not have been able to breathe ... with that in his airway," Dr. Rhiannon Trefor told the hearing.

Before shoving the cheeseburger into his mouth, Barry told his friend, "Watch this."

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