3 Were Aboard Planes That Collided In Midair Over Ocean Near Los Angeles

Search and rescue crews south of Los Angeles were still searching Saturday morning for survivors who were aboard the small planes that collided Friday.

Three people, including an 81-year-old man, were reportedly aboard two plans that collided over the ocean near the Port of Los Angeles on Friday.

Authorities said early Saturday that the elderly man was on board a Beechcraft plane around 3:30 p.m. when it collided in midair with a plane piloted by a 72-year-old woman.

A search for wreckage and survivors was launched over a 200-square-mile area and continued through the night before a more exptensive search resumed Saturday with the sunrise.

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"We don't want to give up until we really feel that there's no chance,"  Coast Guard Capt. Jennifer Williams told the Associated Press, "that we haven't scanned the area, searched the whole area and looked for survivors."

The off the coast of San Pedro is reportedly popular with flight students who practice in a 10 to 20 square-mile area at various altiudes.

Both pilots are reportedly experienced. Both planes took from from nearby Torrance Airport. 

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Air traffic controllers witnesses saw the planes apparently run into each other on radar, leading them to conclude they collided.

Some debris has since been recovered from the plane that carried the men, including a logbook.

Wreckage of the plane piloted by the woman had not been recovered as of noon Saturday.

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