Bernie Sanders and Larry David Appear Side-By-Side on Saturday Night Live

Bernie Sanders stopped by SNL to poke some fun at himself with the help of his celebrity doppelganger Larry David.

Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live last night and got to appear alongside his political doppelganger, Bernie Sanders.

In a sketch that placed the lookalikes on the Titanic, the Democratic presidential hopeful managed to teach America a little bit about his stances while showing he knows how to laugh at himself now and again.

"I am so sick of the one percent getting this preferential treatment," the life-long liberal activist said as he and David's character watched the rich flee the ship while they continued to sink. "Enough is enough."

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David, who was dressed as a simple crewman along with Sanders, replied "Sounds like socialism to me."

Sanders then gave him a quick lesson in his political ideology.

"Democratic socialism," he said. "HUGE difference."

Sanders also poked fun at his religious background. 

"I am Bernie Sanderswitsky," he deadpanned. "But we're gonna change it when we get to America so it doesn't sound so Jewish."

Sure, quipped David, "that'll trick 'em"

Should Sanders win the nomination, he'll become the first Jewish candidate to ever top a major party ticket.

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Sanders is not the first presidential candidate to appear on the late night sketch comedy show. His rival Hillary Clinton appeared last fall and Republican Donald Trump hosted the show in November.

Saturday night also marked David's third appearance on the show to play Sanders.

In the two previous appearances, he portrayed the Senator in debate skits. This time around, he impersonated Sanders in a lampooning of his own HBO series dubbed "Bern Your Enthusiasm."

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