Lady Gaga Makes Super Bowl Magic With Explosive 'Star Spangled Banner' Rendition

The songstress didn't disappoint when she opened the Super Bowl with the powerful ode to America on Sunday.

Lady Gaga did not disappoint Sunday when she opened one of America's biggest nights in sports with a powerful ode to the red, white and blue.

In typical style, Mother Monster appeared on stage in an outfit best described as unique. This time, it was a flashy, red suit covered in glitter--glitter she matched with a shock of glimmering crimson above each eye.

But the flash didn't fizzle when the songstress began to sing the Star-Spangled Banner: judging from the immediate response on social media, it only shone brighter.

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Accompanied by a pianist, Gaga began the song with the classically trained vocals that many fans first heard at last year's Oscars during an impressive medley of the songs from Sound of Music.

As the song wore on, Gaga used her chops to slowly but surely add drama to the traditional tune until reaching it's end with a momentous "And the home of the brave" just as the Blue Angels jets boomed overhead.

YES, @LADYGAGA, YES!!!!!!!!! ?#sb50 #nationalanthem

February 7, 2016

Love you so much, @ladygaga. I'm so glad I loaned you my jumpsuit.

February 7, 2016

.@ladygaga gave sparkle voice AND eyes!#SuperBowl50#SuperBowl

February 7, 2016

You made Whitney proud @ladygaga

February 7, 2016

With the song barely over, fans showed their appreciation in awed Facebook and Twitter posts.

"YES, @LADYGAGA, YES!!!!!!!!!" tweeted fellow singer Jordin Sparks. 

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Model Tyra Banks gushed, ".@ladygaga gave sparkle voice AND eyes!"

Reaching back to Super Bowl XXV in 1991, Twitter user @tattooedreams wrote, "You made Whitney proud @ladygaga," in reference to Whitney Houston's iconic national anthem rendition of that year.

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres also praised Gaga, while also poking fun at the singer's eye-catching outfit:

"Love you so much, . I'm so glad I loaned you my jumpsuit."

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