Weird Mountain Dew Commercial Gives Super Bowl Viewers the Creeps

A commercial featuring a pug-baby-ape hybrid will likely be the strangest of this year's Super Bowl ads.

There's always a touching one, a funny one and often a raunchy one--but this year's Super Bowl had a commercial that was downright creepy.

PepsiCo was among this year's advertisers who paid millions for mere seconds of ad space. To make sure viewers remember their product, the company has enlisted an odd new pitchman:

Say hello to the puppy-monkey-baby, the weird face of Mountain Dew Kickstart energy drink.

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The animal, which carries a rattle and a bucket of ice cold Kickstart, chants "puppy-monkey-baby" over and over while offering some young men one of the purple cans.

Maybe they can help a nation forget #puppymonkeybaby

February 8, 2016

I have a horrible feeling that #PuppyMonkeyBaby merchandise is coming. #SB50

February 8, 2016

On the lookout for the horrific #puppymonkeybaby at #SB50

February 8, 2016

The three-way hybrid is meant to remind its young, male target consumers that the drink is also a hybrid--an energizing cocktail of "dew," juice and caffeine.

While it may be memorable as a message for the thirsty and tired, the ad has also managed to weird a lot of people out, a sentiment echoed across social media immediately after the ad aired.

"On the lookout for the horrific #puppymonkeybaby  at #SB50," wrote one Twitter user.

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Another gasped: "Maybe they can help a nation forget #puppymonkeybaby," as the halftime show approached.

Another worried, "I have a horrible feeling that #puppymonkeybaby merchandise is coming."

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