Peyton Manning Leads Denver To Victory But Stays Mum on Retirement Plans

Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to an impressive win over the Carolina Panthers.

At 39, Payton Manning entered Levi Stadium as the oldest quarterback to ever lead a team to the Super Bowl. 

He left the stadium as the oldest to lead a team to a Super Bowl victory after helping the Denver Broncos crush the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

The 2-time NFL champion fought off a swarm of photographers and cameramen as he donned a hat that read "Champions" and tickertape fell from above.

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"It's very special," he told reporters. "I'm very grateful."

On his list of priorities, the husband and father of two placed hugging his wife and sons right at the top followed by drinking "a lot of Budweiser."

Manning said the win could be attributed to his team's "toughness, resilience" and "unselfishness," but most analysts would have just summed the victory up in a word: defense.

Manning--around whom rumors of an impending retirement are swirling--threw for just 141 yards and committed two turnovers in what the Associated Press called one of the "least productive games of his brilliant career that could be coming to an end."

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Meanwhile, linebacker Von Miller forced Carolina Panthers quarterback to fumble twice, setting up Denver for two touchdowns.

To no one's surprise, Miller's game-winning performance led to his being named the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

After Miller gave a speech, Manning was placed back in the spotlight and asked point blank if he now plans to retire.

Manning, however, demured and instead of answering just reiterated his plans to kiss his wife and kids, drink some beer and thank God.

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