Cops: Photo Booth Snaps Pictures of Robber As He Steals From Machine

Police in Illinois released images of the man as he allegedly swiped $75 from the booth.

An arrest has been made in the strange case of a robbery of a photo booth in Illinois.

Batavia Police say Chancellor Terrell of Aurora turned himself in after several photos began to spring up on the internet and on television that police say show the 24-year-old in the act of robbing the machine.

The Batavia Police Department released the the images, which show a man as he allegedly swiped $75 in cash from the machine.

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"The machine is designed to take photographs when it senses tampering to the cash drawer," the police wrote as they shared the images to Facebook.

The man also allegedly caused $75 worth of damage to the machine at Funway Amusements in Batavia, police said.

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The incident took place last November but "the report was delayed until the owner could get a repairman to pull the offenders images from the machine," police said.

Terrell was booked and released on bond Monday. He was charged with one count of Criminal Damage to Property and one count of Theft. Both charges are Class A Misdemeanors carrying up to one year in jail each if convicted.

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