The Obamas Want Improved WiFi for Next Family Who Moves Into the White House

Michelle and Barack Obama told CBS's Gayle King on Sunday that the wireless internet in the presidential mansion can be spotty.

Whether its Melania and Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary (again) or another couple that moves into the White House next year, they'll be better equipped to Netflix and chill than the family before them.

At least they will be if the Obamas get their way. The current first family has been actively lobbying to upgrade technology in the White House, where they say the WiFi connection can be hit or miss.

The first couple discussed the issue in a wide-ranging interview they did together with CBS's Gayle King that aired Super Bowl Sunday.

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"The whole tech thing, we've been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks, because it is an old building," President Barack Obama said. "And so there are a lot of dead spots where WiFi doesn't work."

The first lady agreed, saying that the WiFi "can be a little sketchy."

Not surprisingly, the White House residents most affected by the spotty wireless internet are its two youngest.

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"The girls are just irritated by it sometimes," Obama said of his daughters, Malia and Sasha.

The Obamas also revealed how they celebrate the Super Bowl.

"We have sort of three ways that we do the Super Bowl. We have the serious watchers. And that's the treaty room. If you're in that room, you're watching the game," Michelle said. "Then there's the outside room where the kids are, where they're kind of fooling around. They're by the food."

"We keep them away," the president said.

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