Indian Man May Be the First Recorded Case of Someone Being Killed by Meteorite

An Indian bus driver was killed by a meteorite, authorities said.

A bus driver in India may have become the first recorded case of someone being killed by a hurtling meteorite, according to local media.

Kamaraj, 40, was hit by flying debris from space as he drank water on the campus of a private college in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, authorities said.

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The explosion shattered windows at Bharathidasan Engineering College and sent students running in panic from classrooms, police said.

"A mishap occurred yesterday when a meteorite fell in the campus of a private engineering college," the chief minister's office said in a statement Sunday.

The bus driver's family and three injured people have been compensated by the government, the minister's office said.

The driver died while being transported to a local hospital.

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Authorities initially thought the explosion had been caused by explosives being stored for a construction project.

But investigators later found pieces of a meterorite and have sent them for testing, authorities said.

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