This Creative Principal Announced His School's Snow Day With an Adele Parody

Principal Matt Glendinning gives a very special version of the popular hit in a now-viral video.

A Rhode Island principal got creative when it came to announcing his school would be closed for a snow day.

Matt Glendinning, who works at Moses Brown School in Providence, posted a video parodying Adele's "Hello." In the video, which has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on YouTube, he acts out scenes from the singer's video and switches the lyrics to tell the kids they have the day off.

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"Hello," the song begins. "It's Matt."

"You know it snowed a lot last night. Now I have to tell you not to try and come, and I am sorry students if it breaks your heart," he sings.

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Glendinning said he was inspired to make the video after the success of the school's previous internet sensation, a parody of Frozen's "Let it Go." 

"We do this because we believe that people who work in schools, with children, should be willing and able to be playful themselves," Glendinning said.

"We are also pushing ourselves to be creative and innovative in the way we do routine communications, seeking opportunities to build community by creating fun, surprising and memorable experiences."

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He revealed that it's not actually his voice in the video - it belongs to the school's choral director, Justin Peters.

The team's "Let it Go" video, which was released to announce a snow day in January 2015, was viewed nearly four million times. Both videos were the idea of Adam Olenn, the school's director of communications and community engagement.

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