Kind Cop Buys Food for Famished Homeless Woman, Helps Get Her Motel Room During Storm

Massachusetts cop buys food for homeless woman who passed out from hunger, helps get her motel room.

A woman with no food and no place to stay now has both, thanks to a Massachusetts police officer who found her unconscious in a Walmart bathroom.

The unidentified homeless woman had passed out from hunger, police said.

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Officer Keith Perry, responding to a call from the store's manager, talked to the woman after paramedics checked her over. The Seekonk patrolman learned she hadn't eaten all day and had nowhere to go, Lt. David Dyson told INSIDE EDITION Monday.

"Officer Keith Perry is a good guy. That's just the way he's made," Dyson said. "It's just something he would do."

Perry, a two-year veteran of the force, bought the woman some groceries. "The essentials, bread, milk, snacks, something to drink," Dyson said, and helped get her a hotel room.

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Lodging was the essential part, given New England is being blanketed by snow showers that are expected to drop as much as 10 inches.

Thanks to Perry, she has a place to ride out the storm.

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