Sanders Wins in Tiny New Hampshire Village With 4 Votes, Hillary Clinton Gets 0

As the New Hampshire Primary is underway, Bernie Sanders has already taken one small village.

Voting in the New Hampshire primary began at midnight and the tiny village of Dixville Notch has already counted its votes -- all nine of them.

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Bernie Sanders shut out Hillary Clinton four votes to zero.

John Kasich beat Donald Trump by three votes to two.

Kasich appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday and was asked: “Is it true you called every single voter in that town?”

He proudly said: “I did.”

During a Sanders rally in the Granite State, one woman “felt the bern” and fainted, almost hitting her head on the Democratic hopeful’s podium.

It was the second time someone fainted at a Sanders rally in less than a week.

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On Wednesday, the presidential hopeful came to the aid of a man who fainted off the side of the stage.

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