Very Pregnant Ivanka Trump Campaigns in New Hampshire: 'I'm Sure There Are Great Hospitals Here'

Donald Trump's daughter spoke to INSIDE EDITION ahead of the primary

A very pregnant Ivanka Trump is stumping for her dad in New Hampshire, despite the likelihood she could go into labor.

At an elementary school where voters gathered for Tuesday's primary, INSIDE EDITION asked the mom-to-be if she has a contingency plan for giving birth on the presidential campaign trail.

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"I'm sure there are great hospitals around here," she said.

Chelsea Clinton is also pregnant, though not as far along as Trump, and she appeared with mom Hillary Clinton at a polling site. The pair then heading to a Dunkin' Donuts for coffee.

Actor Ted Danson and actress wife Mary Steenburgen were stumping for Clinton in New Hampshire, as Bernie Sanders was considered the Democratic favorite, based on recent polls that showed him ahead.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat were out in the snow as well, trying to capture Republican votes.

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