Woman Celebrates After Conquering Her Fear of Bridges

Carolyn Casey had not driven on the Golden Gate Bridge for 15 years.

More than 15 years since she last dared, a woman has driven across the Golden Gate Bridge - conquering her long-standing fear of bridges.

Carolyn Casey's bridge phobia started in 2000, when she and her brother, Ben, took a scenic bike ride across the iconic landmark. She got halfway across then made the mistake of looking down.

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"I started screaming and yelling to my brother ahead of me, 'Stop I can't do this. There's no way,'” she told INSIDE EDITION.

Carolyn actually crawled off the bridge and ever since, she's stayed as far away as possible.

But she was determined to overcome her fear, so she and INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano got behind the wheel on a windy and foggy day.

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Recano, who is not a fan of bridges either, admitted: "I'm actually feeling stressed out myself."

After taking their time getting across, they got to the other side safe and sound, and breathed a big sigh of relief.

“I need to lie down," Carolyn said.

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