Demi Lovato Quits Tour, Enters Rehab

Teen sensation Demi Lovato has suddenly cancelled her tour with the Jonas Brothers and checked herself into rehab for physical and emotional issues. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Its shocking news…Disney darling Demi Lovato has checked into rehab!

The 18-year-old star best known for her Camp Rock movies and Disney Channel's Sunny with a Chance, dropped out of her musical tour with the Jonas Brothers, "in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time," according to her representative.

"She's a great talent and when you work so hard, sometimes it catches up to you," said singer Brandy.

A hint that something was amiss came when Lovato's popular Twitter was suddenly closed over the weekend!

Sources say her problems came to a head when she got into a physical altercation with a female member of the concert tour.

To make matters even more complicated, Lovato recently broke up with Joe Jonas, who's now dating Twilight star Ashley Greene.

"Reports say she's suffering with anorexia, she's been cutting herself," said The View's Whoopi Goldberg.

You'll recall how Lovato once blamed mysterious marks on her wrist on rubber bands. Now, it appears she was deliberately hurting herself.

"Cutting is a form of self-mutilation, brought on by depression or anxiety," said Dr. Gail Saltz.

Lovato grew up in front of the camera. As a child, she appeared with Barney the Dinosaur. But off-camera, she was severely bullied.

"I had an experience when I was in school so painful, I decided to home school. It was the darkest time of my life so far," Lovato told CNN.