Hoverboard Sparks Fire And Burns Down Family's Mansion

Brian and Megan Fox lost their home in Belle Meade, Tennessee, in what fire officials say was a blaze started by their son's FITURBO F1 hoverboard.

A Tennessee family lost everything in a house fire that officials now say was caused by an exploding hoverboard.

The fire erupted at the Belle Meade home of Brian and Megan Fox. The couple were out having lunch with one of their daughters when they began to get texts and calls about the blaze.

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When they arrived home, they realized two of their children were trapped inside.

Brian was able to get the kids to jump into his arms from a second-story window. The children suffured some scrapes and bruises and their father broke an elbow.

The family lost everything, but what mattered at the time was that everyone was safe.

In a statement posted Tuesday afternoon with photos of the fire's aftermath, the Nashville Fire Department revealed the cause of the January blaze and warned of the hoverboard's dangers.

Officials said the devastating fire was caused by a FITURBO F1 model.

"If you do own a hoverboard, always use the manufacturer-supplied charge. Do not leave it unattended while charging or plugged into an outlet overnight," read the statement. "Do not overcharge the device and follow the manufacturer’s recommended charging times."

The parents said they did plenty of research before purchasing the toy as a Christmas present for their son.

Coincidentally, a close family friend who also purchased a FITBURBO F1 experienced a small fire while charging the hoverboard, but it only damaged the toy. 

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"The fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, is just wrong," Megan Fox told WTVF.

The Nashville Fire Dept. statement said the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating dozens of fires, including the Fox house blaze,  thought to be caused by hoverboards.

The family is currently living in a rental home. Brian Fox told WTVF it's too early to say whether he'll take legal action.

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