Meet The Meteorologists Raising Temperatures in Provocative Outfits

The dresses worn by overseas meteorologists are deemed too racy for American audiences.

Women forecasters in Mexico are famous for their provocative attire.

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Mexico's Yanet Garcia delivers the forecast in a tight outfit  and likes vivid colors and pink hair bows. 

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Susana Almeida, also of Mexico, shows a lot of leg.

Estos días en la ciudad de Gdl. tendremos tardes soleadas con 25-26°C y mañanas con 10-11°C. Buen fin de semana! ?

— Susana Almeida (@Susyalmeida1) January 22, 2016

Mexican meteorologist Arlett Fernandez often does her forecast in short skirts.

Ven a #Locura y como yo vive la #Moda ¡al máximo!Vestuario #Miércoles #yosoylocura #look #arlettfdz #Outfitdehoy

— Arlett Fernández (@arlett_fdz) February 10, 2016

Audrey Puente is a meteorologist for FOX 5 in New York City, she said: “They are speaking to the culture they live in. I happen to be of Puerto Rican descent and I understand the idea of embracing your curves and that happens a lot in the Latin American countries where you see a lot of these videos coming from." 

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