Son Claims His Mom Suffered Fatal Stroke After Plumber Conned Her Out of Thousands of Dollars

Jason Sutphin, left, told INSIDE EDITION his mother Ellen, right, was duped by a plumber in Tennessee.

A man says his elderly mom suffered a stroke and died after a repairman conned her out of thousands of dollars.

Jason Sutphin told INSIDE EDITION his mother Ellen was duped by Glenn Harris, who operates a plumbing business in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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Several others told IE that Harris had taken thousands of their dollars for shoddy home repair work.

"My mom took out a $50,000 home equity loan to pay in cash because he wanted cash on everything," Sutphin said.

He said his mom first contacted Harris to fix a plumbing problem but went on to charge her more for home improvement jobs she didn't need. She later suffered a fatal stroke.

"I believe that the stroke was caused by stress and the only stress she had in her life at that time was Glenn Harris," her son said.

When approached by INSIDE EDITION, Harris denied all the allegations against him. He insisted that he operates above board.

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In a bid to see how Harris treats his elderly customers, INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero transformed into an undercover grandmother with the help of a make-up artist.

To see what happened when she called Harris to carry out some home repairs, tune in to INSIDE EDITION on Thursday.

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