ESPN Reporter Hannah Storm's Wardrobe Causes Controversy Again

ESPN reporter Hannah Storm is the center of another controversy about her wardrobe. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Sports anchor Hannah Storm is at the center of a storm of controversy over her sexy outfits, again.

Storm recently wore a figure-hugging blue minidress and knee-high boots to report on a basketball pregame in Boston.

She wore the same outfit to host SportsCenter.

The Huffington Post reports Storm's ESPN colleagues "couldn't stop talking" about the outfit.  

"Hannah is definitely pushing the limits with this outfit, it looks more appropriate for a night out at the club. It's definitely not appropriate for television," says fashion expert Katrina Szish.

The co-hosts of The View discussed the controversy.

"When I spoke with her today she said that the fact that she wore a skirt with boots somehow is being used to undermine what she does professionally," said Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"I think you have to dress to some degree appropriately. You would not to go to your child's PTA meeting wearing hot pants, but you would at home," Barbara Walters responded.

It's not the first time Storm's wardrobe has made news.

"Hannah Storm [is] in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today," ESPN's Tony Kornheiser said in February. "She looks like she's got sausage casing wrapped around her upper body." He was subsequently suspended for two weeks for criticizing Storm's outfit on his radio show.

Kornheiser is steering clear of the latest controversy.

Storm declined to comment.