Thanks to His Dad, 8-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Rips Up Skateboard Park on Four Wheels

An eight-year-old with cerebral palsy flies over skateboard ramps on the four wheels of his wheelchair.

Eight-year-old Atticus Edmunds cannot walk and likely never will, but that doesn't stop him from ripping up a skateboard park like any other California kid.

Any other California kid in a wheelchair.

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The boy, who has cerebral palsy, is an Internet hit thanks to a video of his dad running behind his wheelchair, propelling him up ramps and plummeting him over the rises.

"We saw a video of another man doing it on Facebook," Atticus' mom, Tresa, told INSIDE EDITION. "So we just went down (to the park) and did it."

They had no skating gear, she laughed, "because why would you buy a helmet for a kid in a wheelchair?"

Atticus, who doesn't speak in complete sentences, was over the moon.

"You could see the light come on in his eyes," his mother said. "He kept saying 'Whoooa! Whoooa!'"

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— Tresa Edmunds (@reesedixon) February 9, 2016


Her son was in love, she said. "It just blew his little mind."

So ever since that day just after Christmas, Atticus goes skateboarding.

He now has a helmet, and the requisite stickers. His dad, Jared, who runs an assisted living facility, regularly takes him to the park, where Atticus knows most of the other skaters.

The best part, his mom said, is the other kids treat him just like he was one of them.

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"They give him high-fives, they encourage him," his mother said.

Atticus will be off the ramps for about six months after he undergoes an upcoming surgery to reconstruct his hips, which are being pulled out of their sockets because his muscles are so tightly constricted.

Such seizures are commonplace in CP sufferers.

"We'll get him back out there when he is healthy," his mother said.

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