Bikini Model Who Dropped 130 Pounds Proudly Shows Off Her Stretch Marks

Conner Rensch, 26, told INSIDE EDITION she calls her stretch marks her "battle wounds."

Conner Rensch, who famously appeared in a YouTube video to proudly share the story of her weight loss, is speaking about embracing her stretch marks.

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The 26-year-old Nebraska native lost a staggering 130 pounds in less than two years.

"I have stretch marks and scars," she told INSIDE EDITION. 

She calls the marks "battle wounds" and said: "They tell a story and that is beautiful."

She says the marks are a "daily reminder of the battle I won and (am) struggling with."

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Throughout her childhood and teen years, Rensch was bullied because of her weight. She admitted that she found emotional comfort in eating until she changed her life and lost weight. 

In 2015, she won a bikini competition - the first time she had ever worn a bikini.

Rensch was never ashamed of the marks on her body and would never get them removed. During her time in bikini competitions, Rensch discovered other women with similar marks.

"Every woman has these scars and every woman has these flaws," she said. 

In 2014, she was featured on the cover of People magazine's "Half Their Size" issue where she talked about going from a size 24 to a size four.

Rensch is pursuing a career as a fitness model and she's happy stretch marks on her stomach are inspiring women everywhere.

"You can be the most beautiful you, so be that person," she said.

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