TV Series Asks: What If Someone Had Stopped JFK's Killer?

The new show stars James Franco as a teacher sent back in time to stop Lee Harvey Oswald.

What if the JFK assassination didn’t happen and someone saved the president's life in 1963?

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That is the behind the new miniseries 11.22.63, based on the best-selling book by Stephen King.

James Franco plays a history teacher who goes back in time to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing John F. Kennedy.

At the show's Los Angeles premier, Franco called the series “a fresh take on the assassination. It's like 'What if? What if you could change history?'”

The series was filmed at the Dallas Book Depository where Oswald opened fire on the Kennedy motorcade. They also got permission to film in Dealey Plaza and on the infamous grassy knoll.

INSIDE EDITION asked Franco if he could go back in time and change one historical day, which would it be.

“If I would change anything, you'd think stop 9/11, of course. I’d want to stop that, but who's to say something worse wouldn't happen?”

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams produced the show. “The story talks about this in a way, things don’t happen the way you might think. You predict things all you want but the dominos don’t fall like you'd think.”

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