Everett the Rescue Dog Raises a Paw, Gets Sworn in as Mayor of Reno

A rescue dog was crowned Mayor of Reno, Nevada, on Thursday.

A rescue dog named Everett  was crowned Mayor of Reno, Nevada on Thursday.   

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His adopted parents, Lisa Rosen and Robert Stachow, won him the title, after posting the highest bid at the SPCA of Northern Nevada annual charity event. 

Mayor Hillary Schieve shared the spotlight with Everett, proclaiming the 5-year-old Newfoundland-Labrador mix ‘mayor’ for a day. 

After receiving the official title, Everett and Schieve smiled for the cameras as they rode around town in a limousine. 

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Everett’s final stop was at the SPCA, a place he once called home.  There he received a “retirement package” filled with goodies  including a dog bowl, bed, and plenty of food. 

The SPCA holds “An Affur to Remember” every year, a charity event that raises funds for homeless animals within the community.  

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