Man Accused of Ferris Wheel Sex Was in Vegas to Marry Another Woman

Phillip Panzica III is accused, along with Chloe Scordianos, of having sex within view of passersby on the famous High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas.

The Texas man accused of having public sex in a Ferris wheel has revealed he was in Las Vegas at the time to marry a different woman.

Phillip Frank Panzica III, of Houston, was set to marry his girlfriend of two months, Mistie Bozant, on Feb. 5 when the two got into a fight because Panzica mistakenly believed his fiancee was pregnant with another man's baby.

Enraged, Panzica said he proceeded to get drunk and gamble the day away on the Las Vegas strip. That's when he met Chloe Scordianos.

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"One thing led to another. She was there by herself," Panzica told KTNV of Scordianos, who turned 21 that very day. "It wasn't planned, it was just, I felt it."

The pair went to the famous High Roller observation wheel and, when it reached the top, police say surveillance footage shows them engaging in a sex act.

Police watched the video and "clearly saw Scordianos laying on her back in the center of the cabin. Panzica was on his knees over Scordianos and removed her dress. He also removed his clothes while standing up, exposing his penis and bare buttocks, allowing anyone in public to see."

Several security officers and managers told police “sex acts and public indecency on the High Roller are happening more often which they fear will impact the reputation and business operations of the High Roller.”

Meanwhile, Panzica's fiancee is also speaking out. She helped get him released on $3,000 bail despite the heartache he put her through because of "what a good heart" she has.

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Panzica and Scordianos are slated to appear in court next month.

Scordiano’s lawyer Christopher Rasmussen told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that: “people who ride the Linq believe they have an expectation of privacy in the individual cars.”

“The cabins on the high roller are round and have glass walls from floor to ceiling allowing no privacy in the public place; the High Roller is also a visible tourist landmark at the center of the Las Vegas Strip,” the arrest report said.

Public sex is a class D felony in Nevada, punishable by between one and four years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.

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