Man Charged With Severely Burning Girlfriend's 1-Year-Old Son in the Bath

An Illinois man's bond was set at $2 million Saturday, stemming from charges he nearly killed a one-year-old boy with scalding hot bathwater.

An Illinois man's bond was set at $2 million on Saturday on charges he disfigured and reportedly nearly killed his live-in girlfriend's one-year-old son with scalding hot bathwater.

Michael Barber, 24, was arrested after the boy was left in his care Wednesday at their home in the Chicago suburb of Harvey.

Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Shawn Abraham said Barber was bathing the boy in the bathtub when he turned away. He then found the child face down and unresponsive.

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Abraham said Barber ran screaming through the apartment building for help, at which point a nursing assistant neighbor was able to rescucitate the unconscious boy with CPR, reports the Chicago Tribune.

It was then that they found the boy was severely burned on his feet, buttocks and genital area.

The child remained hospitalized as he prepared for skin grafts for the second- and third-degree burns.

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Doctors said the boy also had what they identified as bite marks on his body, prosecutors said. Barber has not yet faced charges for the bite marks, but prosecutors said they could still pursue those charges.

Off-hours calls to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office were not immediately returned Sunday and it was unclear if Barber had an attorney.

Barber was charged on Saturday with aggravated battery to a child, a Class X felony. He returns to court Wednesday.

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