Man Survives After Being Pulled Head First Into Wood Chipper

An Oregon man was seriously injured Friday afternoon when he was pulled into a wood chipper. Miraculously, he's expected to live.

An Oregon man was accidentally pulled head first into a wood chipper and, miraculously, he's expected to survive.

The unidentified arborist's rope and harnesses became tangled with limbs being fed into the chipper on Friday in Leaburg, officials said.

The man, reportedly in his 20s, was pulled inside head first. Just as his head reached the blades, the man's leg somehow managed to trip the safety bar and the machine shut off.

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He was, nonetheless, injured during his brush with a gorey death.

The man's leg was broken and he suffered serious injuries to the back of his head, fire officials from the town of McKenzie told the Register-Guard.

According to firefighter Matt Brooks, the arborist was wearing a helmet, which more than likely helped him survive.

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Back in December, a North Carolina teen wasn't as lucky.

Mason Scott Cox, 19, was on his first day on the job for a landscaping company when he attempted to kick a tree limb into a wood chipper.

Cox was pulled into the chipper when he tried to get the limb into the machine, officials said. He was found dead inside the wood chipper by Kings Mountain Police.

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